Course description

Today, free and open technologies are ubiquitous. The aim of this course is to acquire a fundamental understanding of their scope, impact, and importance in various settings, such as science, industry, and education. Students should be able to apply these principles in different contexts and projects.

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Lecture outline


Student projects

Putting Austrian academics on Wikipedia

Create, edit, and improve content on Wikipedia regarding Austrian academics with special emphasis on notable women.

By Mohammad Zandpour, Vasilena Kisova, Daniela Shopova, and Eva Jobst.

Links: Project website, Final presentation

Smart Plant Pot

Conceptualize and build a smart pot that can provide various data about a plant, such as its temperature, humidity, etc., to users with a smartphone app.

By Daniel Metzger, Mark Peneder, Dorin Postolache, and Felix Walcher.

Links: Project website, Final presentation

Vienna Visualization

Visualize open data from the city of Vienna and gain new insights from population data.

By Sarah Hanna Fischer, Michael König, Lisa Müllner, and Florian Ploier.

Links: GitHub repo, Final presentation


Create a map-based visualization of geo-tagged pictures.

By Carlos Rodriguez, Daniel Heger, Matthias Reisacher, and Onur Gürcay.

Links: GitHub repo, Final presentation


Create, extend, and improve VoWi (Vorlesungswiki) pages.

By Mariya Popel, Renée Sophie Singer, Lina Wang, and Kristina Weinberger.

Final presentation

Project ideas

Template for project proposals.

Student papers

Paper template

We provide a LaTeX template for the seminar papers.


Christoph Derndorfer and Lukas F. Lang